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Airbrush Make-up


This cosmetic industry breakthrough has terrific coverage, and results that can't be achieved with conventional make-up techniques. Airbrush colors rest on the top of the skin, and do not go into the pores. Airbrush makeup is more sanitary, and less stressful to the skin. There are three types of Airbrush make-up Water-based, silicone-based, and alcohol-based. Brittany uses the highest quality airbrush make-up formulas on the market.


Silicone-based Airbrush Make-up        
  • Long lasting for all-day wear

  • S/B is water and sweat resistant, resilient to touching

  • Oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic

  • Minimizes skin imperfections

  • Natural looking finish

  • Customizable color

  • Designed for HDV (Hi-Definition Video) airbrush application

  • Removes easily with traditional makeup remover

  • Full strip lash application 


Silicone-based makeup mimics skin texture for a beautiful finish and youthful glow. Designed for HDV (Hi-Definition Video) airbrush application, holds up through hours of studio lights. It's the formula that created the flawless, hyper-real beauties in "The Stepford Wives." 


"Paramedical" (Waterproof) Airbrush Make-up


Paramedical makeup can be used to cover tattoos, severe acne, cosmetic surgery marks, rosacea, psoriasis, port wine stain, Vitiligo, spider-veins, age spots, scars, and bruises.


"Dura" Alcohol-based Make-up is an industry favorite for body art, prosthetics, temporary tattoos, and special effects. It is completely waterproof and can last for days with proper care. 


  • Alcohol-based, durable formula

  • Completely water-proof

  • Great for oily skin

  • Can last 2-3 days

  • Tattoo coverage

  • Can cover fine lines

  • Breakthrough coverage 

  • removes easiest with oil-based cleanser



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