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How Does Airbrush Tanning Work?

The FDA approved active ingrediant (DHA), is derived from raw sugar cane & reacts with the outermost layer of your skin to produce a golden brown color. Brittany uses the most modern  technology and premium products to provide a beautiful, custom airbrush tan. Don't be misled by what you've "heard" about spray tanning. You will find NO fear-inducing automatic spray booths here only state-of-the-art equipment in the hands of an expertly trained and certified technition.



  • ​Shower, shave, and exfoliate the skin

  • Remove makeup

  • skin is free from barriers (lotions, deoderant, oils, and gels)

  • Wear dark loose fitting clothes & sandals

  • Leave jewelry at home  


How To Maintain My Tan?

  • Do Not shower or get wet for at least 6 hours

  • Do Not scrub, exfoliate, or use a loofa for the first couple days

  • Pat dry after you shower

  • Moisturize daily and drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated

  • Avoid chlorine to lengthen your tan


What is the difference in airbrush tanning vs. the spray booth?

Spray booths give an uneven application and is not tailored to your skin tone. If you have tried the Mystic booth spray tan, this is NOT the same! An airbrush tan applied by a trained technician who can contour, and customized to your needs. This is a micro-fine mist that is evenly applied to the body. An airbrush tan will NOT leave drips and streaks.


What do I wear for my airbrush tanning session?

Women may wear your own lingerie, our disposable thongs, or opt for no tan lines at all. Men, please either bring your own shorts, or you may wear our disposable bikini shorts. 


What do you like best about your product? 

I love the color it gives each individual, and how fast it dries. It is also very hydrating compared to other products on the market. our product is non-toxic, doesn't smell, and is not MESSY! 


How long does it take to tan someone? 

About 10 minutes to tan and 10 min to dry


How long does each tan last?

Your tan will last between 7 and 12 days, depending on how you care for your skin.


Is this type of tanning popular for men?

YES! It is very popular among men. Tall, Dark, and Handsome!!


Brittany likes to stress to her clients that this product will NOT rub-off on or stain their wedding gowns, or other clothing.  


* Find information on Tanning Parties and Tanning Packages under the Events tab


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